Project Ploughshares is a nadian peace research institute with a focus on disarmament efforts and international security, specifilly related to the arms trade, emerging military and security technologies, nuclear weapons, and outer space.

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Recent Publitions

The Ploughshares Monitor: Summer 2022

Volume 43 Issue 2 A quarterly publition of Project Ploughshares Please click on attachment to view document: Spread the Word

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Developing norms for enhanced security in outer space: Process and priorities

This document reflects research and analysis conducted by Project Ploughshares Senior Researcher Dr. Jessi West and Gilles Doucet of Spectrum Space Security on how the existing normative framework in outer...

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Regulating new tools of warfare: Insights from humanitarian disarmament and arms control efforts

As the tools and methods of warfare continue to evolve, it is critil that arms control, disarmament, and normative regimes also advance. Warfighting applitions of today’s emerging technologies, including artificial...

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Norms for Outer Space: A Small Step or a Giant Leap for Policymaking?

Space is increasingly critil to modern life on Earth. But there is growing concern that, as it becomes more economilly and strategilly important, tensions between different space actors are heightening...

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The Ploughshares Monitor: Spring 2022

Volume 43 Issue 1 A quarterly publition of Project Ploughshares Please click on attachment to view document: Spread the Word

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Arms control in outer space: Status, timeline, and analysis

Contrary to popular imagination, outer space is not a “Wild, Wild West” of lawlessness. Human activities in outer space are governed by international law, including the United Nations Charter, international...

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Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s illegal military incursion into Ukraine poses a grave threat to international security, undermines the rules-based international order, and endangers the lives of millions of civilians. It also risks eslating...

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What kinetic ASAT testing tells us about space security governance

The testing of kinetic anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons and the debris that they produce are currently garnering global attention and concern. This is partly beuse of the November 2021 ASAT test...

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